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Restore and maintain silky, smooth, glowy skin

If you think you haven’t found the optimal skin product to satisfy the desire you have to restore and maintain silky, smooth, glowy skin then perhaps you should try Bye Bye Celli. I've never written a testimonial before simply because nothing has gotten my attention like this amazing rejuvenating oil. My skin is finally finding the deep moisturizing power it has needed to promote it’s natural beauty. Something special happened in the creation of this clean, calming and glistening treatment. There are untold numbers of products on the bursting market of skin care to try and most good ones are very costly. Ive used a number of the high end options recommended by my very knowledge dermatologist. This product came to me through a friend and it just puts the other products to shame. It’s so very worth a try, I can say with passionate enthusiasm!! Go for it!!!!!

Dr. Terri Bensinger

I cannot express how happy I am with the Bye Bye Celli Organic Shea Butter Oil. 

It is a wonderful moisturizer, gives my skin a remarkable glow. I have only been using it for a few months, and I already started to see my stretch marks diminishing. I also use it on my surgery scar, and it started fading. I absolutely love this product, and finally I don’t have to worry about the sticky residue and staining my clothes, which is always an issue with other shea butters I have used in the past.

Gabriella Nyerges

I highly recommend Bye Bye Celli Organic Shea Butter Oil.

This product was a game changer because I am always on the go.  I was looking for a long time for one product that I could incorporate easily in my routine for my busy lifestyle.  it is one stop shop product to diminish the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite and many more;

Cintia De Sena

I frequently travel by air and this product is AMAZING.

It hydrates my dry skin when traveling. Love how it protects against cold weather and maintains healthy skin. This is by far the best product I have used, Love it!!!!!

Annette Mejia

Ecstatic is how I describe using Bye Bye Celli Organic Shea Butter Oil!

Originally, I intended to use this as a moisturizer only but the many uses of the oil is amazing! As my moisturizer, my skin has never looked better. My skin is now soft and dewy. 

I suffer from itchy scalp. I applied a few drops in the palm of my hand and worked the oil into my scalp; the itchiness has indeed lessen. I love the oil! This is a staple in my home forever!

Cynthia Sellers

Bye Bye Celli has changed my life.

My skin after my son was damaged by hormonal changes. By using the oil on my skin has lightened and brightened by tone and helped me eliminate the appearance of dark spots in my face. Totally recommend it. 

Stephanie Davila

I highly recommend this product as a daily moisturizer!

I have been using Bye Bye Celli Organic Shea Butter Oil for several weeks and have already noticed a significant difference in my skin! It has helped diminish my stretch marks and cellulite, and has given me a smoother, younger looking skin. The oil is so light and clear, and works much better than any other thick Shea butter lotion I’ve used in the past. It absorbs in your skin right away so you do not have to worry about staining your clothes. I even use it to hydrate my hair to help with fizz and split-ends. I’m so excited to have found this product and can’t wait to see the results after a year of usage! I highly recommend this product as a daily moisturizer!

carolina schohn

I have used Bye Bye Celli for 3 months and I love it!

I’ve been using oils for skin hydration basically my whole life. If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed, Bye Bye Celli oil doesn’t just “dry up.” It stays on my skin through-out the night and I wake up with my skin all refreshed.


Must buy product of the year!!

I met Sam as her photographer for this wonderful product, we instantly became good friends. I have natural Afro hair and use natural oils all the time. Shea butter is one of my staples in any product I use. Once I tried Bye Bye Celli’s I became a customer for life!! This product can be used in so many ways, it amazes me every day. I use it in my natural hair routine and my daily skin care. Must buy product of the year!!

yohan alcide

Bye Bye Celli is fantastic!

It keeps my skin soft and glowing and makes my hair shine while helping to hold my curls! I love how versatile it is.

Katie Gibbs

I absolutely love this oil.

I used it in my hair and is not frizzy anymore plus gave hydration. I also use it on my face because I have dry skin.the results are amazing. Is not very oily and my skin feels and looks like a baby.

joyce shuster

Bye Bye Celli shea oil honestly has been a blessing to me.

It’s not just an oil I applicate, it’s been a way for me to nurture my hair and let it heal. There’s also that effect of leaving my skin so wonderfully hydrated that it just dawned on me how it’s been so long that I’ve seen my skin have such a warm glow.


I love this product!

I use it on my face and it keeps my skin extremely very smooth, hydrated and soft!

samantha kohler

I absolutely love this product!

I really like that's it's unscented and absorbs quickly. Good stuff! It's smoothing and moisturizing without being greasy and heavy.

Monique Frias

Works great in the South Florida sun!

I love this! I use it when I ride my bike and I put it on my hair + skin. Works great in the South Florida sun!

Frank Ferrigno 

I am in love with Bye Bye Celli!

This product alone has transformed the way my skin looks, and I finally have that "glow" I've always wanted without needing any makeup. I get more compliments on my skin now more than ever. I use it on my face every morning and night at the end of my skincare routine, to remove my eye makeup, under my eyes, with my jade roller to massage my skin, on my body blemishes and scars, and on my hands/nails. I also love that it's organic and cruelty free, so I feel safe using it. I highly recommend getting yourself a bottle of Bye Bye Celli! I promise you won't regret it!

Victoria J.

Like nothing I have ever used.

I first purchased for my girlfriend and  tried it myself.  It instantly became an all body daily ritual.  The ease of application, lasting quality and ongoing skin therapy is like nothing I have ever used.


It is my go to regimen daily/nightly!

I absolutely love this product. It is my go to regimen daily/nightly! Bye Bye Celli has really helped with my under eye wrinkles and neck area. I also use it in my hair because pf all the vitamins! Thank you Bye Bye Celli!


Perfect as both a face primer and makeup remover.

I've worked as a laser tech for many doctors and I cannot speak more highly of this oil and how much it it soothes the skin! I love using it as an amazing under eye treatment. It's also perfect as both a face primer and makeup remover, always ensuring my skin stays hydrated. 


This product is essential for my lifestyle.

I work outside everyday as an electrician so this product is essential for my lifestyle. I love how it keeps my skin protected in the harsh sun.

Frank A.

Like nothing I have ever used.

I drive race cars and I always use Bye Bye Celli before and after a race. If you're active in any sports, I highly suggest using the oil to take care of your skin!


It’s my everyday go to for all my beauty regimen

I love using Bye Bye Celli Oil! It’s my everyday go to for all my beauty regimen. I love surfing, traveling and all activities that pertain to outdoors and this is my best kept secret that preserves my look. This oil has truly helped with all my wrinkles around my eyes by the hydration it delivers due to all the vitamins! Everyone should try this oil, there’s 25 reasons why this oil is magnificent!

Marcella Bruns

Saves my skin from all the environmental factors.

I live in both Vegas and Napa, and Bye Bye Celli saves my skin from all the environmental factors. I wear it on my face, under my eyes and on my eye lids when I'm maintaining property in beautiful Napa and it's also my go to serum for Vegas because of the dry heat! 

Karen Elliott

It is the best, natural, all-in-one body, product EVER!!!

My name is Sheri, and I first used Bye Bye Celli about a year ago, while on a trip to Florida.  I'm in my mid 50's & look pretty good for my age, but my pores are showing for the first time, and I have laugh lines, and a few more that were not there previously.  After just a few day of using Bye Bye Celli, I could see a dramatic difference! The little lines disappeared, and larger lines were less deep. When I got home my friends thought I had been to a spa. I use it all over my body, on my stretch marks, dark spots, just to moisturize. It is the best, natural, all-in-one body, product EVER!!!

Sheri Rose

My everyday go to

This is my everyday go to for hair and face oil! I apply Bye Bye Celli oil everyday as an aftershave to keep my skin smooth and keep my hair moisturized for healthy hair growth. 


I can't live without this oil!!

I protect my skin, hair, and body with this one in all oil. I love using it as my after shave and to protect my skin because I spend so much time outdoors.

william romeo

"American gladiator"

It literally healed my feet!

Bye Bye Celli is so soft and soothing on my dry cracked feet. I constantly have calluses since I live a pretty active lifestyle and am constantly on-the-go.  Plus, I wear heels a lot. I've tried many different things in the past to help get rid of my calluses, but nothing has compared to Bye Bye Celli. It literally healed my feet! I love the soft silky texture of the oil and I love the fact that it's made with natural high grade ingredients. Bye Bye calluses! My feet are so soft now. I also used it to soothe my sunburned skin and it felt very calming on my skin and definitely help ease the pain.

Rachel Ramos

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