What We're Doing During COVID-19

Bye Bye Celli is joining in unity with all during this pandemic and we're here to support YOU!

Here's what we're doing to make our small difference during this difficult time:

A More Affordable Oil

We want to help all that will benefit from our product and to contribute positively to our world's economy. We've lowered the price of our signature serum, making it more affordable for you, our amazing followers and customers.  


Donations To Help Those In Need

We're donating a portion of every sale to COVID-19 resource groups and foundations to help those who need it the most in this difficult time. 


A Special Giveaway

We're spreading a little extra love by giving one lucky person a free bottle of our organic Shea Butter serum. The giveaway is open now until Tuesday, March 31, 2020. To enter, head over to our Instagram HERE.



Sharing Tips To Help You Stay Safe

We'll continue sharing health and wellness tips and resources to help keep you, your family, and your community safe during this pandemic on our website + blog and social media.


Stay safe, stay healthy — Bye Bye Celli stands with you! #AloneTogether


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