The One Product Every Pregnant and New Moms Needs

The One Product Every Pregnant and New Moms Needs

Shea butter oil is a versatile and all-natural skincare product that is perfect for women of every age. From those in their teens to women in later stages of life, it is a versatile must-have that helps with a range of pesky skin problems and imperfections. 

Packed with fatty acids and vitamins that help to soften and smooth skin, shea butter oil is also the ideal product for expecting or new mothers. As your body changes throughout pregnancy and birth, so do your skincare needs. Luckily, shea butter oil is a multi-faceted powerhouse that will help you with everything from reducing stretch marks on your stomach to eliminating fine lines on your forehead.  

Learn more about the best uses for shea butter oil during pregnancy and new motherhood so you can start to incorporate it into your own routine. 

Expecting Moms

Shea butter oil is all-natural, making it a great option to add to your arsenal during pregnancy. Made from the nuts of the shea tree that’s native to Western Africa, shea butter oil works for all skin types—and also safe for those expecting. Because the product doesn’t have any harsh additives or chemicals, it’s a safe option that won’t irritate your skin or create any unwanted side effects. That way, you can feel comfortable and confident using it throughout your pregnancy. 

The luxurious texture of the shea butter oil also helps take care of one of pregnant women’s biggest skincare concerns: stretch marks. The soothing oil prevents stretch marks by delivering much-needed moisture to the skin as you progress throughout your pregnancy. Keeping skin hydrated helps prevent excess stretch marks from forming and helps cool and calm and irritation or inflammation. 

The naturally-occurring vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter oil also help you say bye-bye to stretch marks. Packed with Vitamin A, the versatile oil absorbs quickly into the skin to keep it soft and smooth and allows it to stretch more easily. That means you can better adjust to the added weight and changing shape as your baby grows. 

New Mothers

Being a new mom is a busy time, and it’s understandable you don’t want to worry about a complicated skincare routine on top of everything else—which makes shea butter oil the perfect secret weapon for motherhood. Because the oil can take care of everything from stretch marks to dry skin to fine lines, it’s the ideal all-in-one product for moms who don’t have a lot of spare time between caring for a new little one.  

While shea butter oil can help prevent stretch marks in the first place, don’t worry—it can also help reduce already-existing lines for new moms. Applying this versatile oil can retroactively minimize lines by giving your skin the moisture and vitamins it needs to return to normal. Shea butter oil is also super effective at reducing inflammation, so it’s perfect for areas made sensitive by breastfeeding to alleviate soreness, redness, and overall irritation. 

Because of its totally natural ingredients, shea butter oil is even safe enough to use on both mom and their new addition. Despite babies’ sensitive skin, the natural properties and vitamin-rich formula of the oil will help keep your baby’s skin soft, moisturized, and strong. Thanks to its lack of chemical additives or artificial scents and colors, shea butter and shea butter oil are a great option to fight rashes and inflammation, keep skin smooth, and deliver moisture throughout infancy and childhood. 

No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, shea butter oil is likely to become your new best friend. From preventing stretch marks to keeping baby’s skin soft and rash-free, it has countless uses to make it a product you’ll turn to again and again. And with a 100% organic formula, Bye Bye Celli is an unbeatable option when it comes to shea butter oil. As the only esthetician-founded, 100% USDA organic shea butter oil serum available, it is the ultimate solution for healthy skin during pregnancy and beyond.