Causes Of Cellulite & How To Remedy Them

Tight Panties and Pants:

tight pants cause cellulite - bye bye celli

In general, poor circulation is a major cause of cellulite. So, if you have tight pants or panties that cut off circulation and leave marks, it’s time to think of some alternatives. You know the wide leg jean is in style now right? 


aging causes cellulite - bye bye celli

As we get older, the connective tissues that hold it all together start to sag and stretch. This causes cellulite to appear. While there is little we can do to stop ourselves from aging, we can take care of ourselves in a few certain ways to uphold our bodies:

  • Exercise often
  • Hydrate (8 glasses of water per day)
  • Take a fish oil supplement
  • Use a product like Bye Bye Celli that comes packed with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and protect the skin.

Diets High In Sugar and Fat:

sugar causes cellulite - bye bye celli

If you follow our Instagram, you will see many instances where we try to find healthy alternatives to processed sugar and fatty foods, see: smoothie bowls. This article has some amazing healthy swaps.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

sedentary lifestyles cause cellulite - bye bye celli

If you are like most people, you sit at your desk all day, five days per week and probably only get up to walk a few feet to that meeting or to the bathroom. You can easily train yourself to be more active throughout the day with your built-in fitness tracker on your smartphone/watch or this app for android or this app for ios

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